Columbia Basin Hemp is located in the Columbia Basin of Washington State, and is a family-owned-and-operated producer of premium quality Hemp plants and Cannabidiol (CBD) products, and is part of a diversified family farming operation which grows a variety of irrigated crops in north Central Washington.

We grow our Hemp (and other crops) in the fertile Columbia Valley near the Cascade Mountains in north-central Washington State, with pure Columbia River water fed by mountain glaciers. The rich volcanic soil (combined with efficient irrigation practices) and near-perfect climate conditions along the east slopes of the Cascade’s provide the optimum mix of essential nutrients and water for growing some of the highest quality Hemp in the world.

As a result, our Hemp crops and CBD products (Isolates, etc.) have a highly consistent pure and natural quality. Through our modern extraction and quality control process, our CBD products are rigorously inspected and checked on a regular basis.

By growing and processing our own Hemp, we (Columbia Basin Hemp) are able to provide a consistent supply of the finest quality pure CBD Isolate and other CBD products to our customers at a competitive price.

For more information about Columbia Basin Hemp and our CBD products, please email us at sales@columbiabasinhemp.com.